You may be a good candidate for Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration if you have bald patches on the top of your scalp but still have healthy hair follicles in the back and on the sides. That is because hair in those areas is most resistant to the hormonal changes that accompany male pattern baldness.

With the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures, a Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor extracts hair follicles from one of these areas and transfers them to the balding areas. Although the results are similar, the method used to obtain the follicles for transfer is different.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Delaware Follicular Unit ExtractionDuring FUE, your doctor removes hundreds of hair follicles that contain between one and four individual hairs. He or she accomplishes this with a tiny circular punch, either manually or with a robotic arm. Although FUE is more time-consuming and typically costlier than its counterpart, many patients prefer it because it does not leave a linear scar across the back of the scalp. It does leave several circular marks then are nearly indistinguishable after a few days. Once your Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor obtains all available hair grafts, the next step is to group them according to the number of hairs and transfer them to the top of your scalp.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

Delaware Follicular Unit TransplantIf you choose to have FUT, your doctor uses a scalpel to remove a strip of skin containing an adequate amount of healthy hair follicles. He or she immediately sutures the donor strip area before moving on to select the best follicles for transfer. You can expect a long, faint scar with FUT, but your hair will eventually cover it if you grow it long enough in the back. Like FUE, your Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor then prepares the follicles for transplant.

Surgical Hair Transplant Results

A few days to a few weeks after your hair transplant, you will notice the appearance of fine, fuzzy hair. Don’t feel alarmed because this is not what your new hair will actually look like. This hair quickly falls out to make way for your new thick, healthy, and natural appearing hair approximately six months later. Your Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration Doctor may recommend one or more non-surgical procedures while you await new hair growth for optimal results.

Learn more about FUE and FUT Surgical Hair Restoration by scheduling your Hair Restoration Consultation with a Delaware Surgical Hair Restoration Specialist near you.

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