If you have been losing your hair for a while, chances are you have tried almost everything to conceal it. With Delaware Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), you can do more than just disguise your hair loss. You can actually re-grow your own hair. With this procedure, Delaware FUT Surgeons take healthy hair follicles from the back of your scalp and transfer them to the balding areas on top. That is because the hair in that area is most resistant to the hormonal changes of male pattern baldness. Imagine how exciting it will be to restore your hairline and run your hands through your own thick, healthy hair again.

What to Expect During the Delaware FUT Hair Transplant

Before your doctor performs Delaware FUT, he or she will meet with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. The primary requirement is that you need to have enough healthy hair follicles in the donor area for transfer to the recipient area. Your doctor will also determine the cause of your hair loss by asking about your history and performing an examination of your scalp. FUT is generally most appropriate for men who have large bald spots due to the progression of male pattern baldness.

The first step in Delaware Follicular Unit Transplantation is for your doctor to provide you with local anesthesia and a light sedative. This ensures that you can relax during the procedure and not feel any pain. Once it has taken effect, he or she uses a scalpel to remove a donor strip. The cut is typically one to two centimeters deep with the length depending on the number of grafts you require for transplant. Your Delaware FUT Surgeon sutures the wound immediately after obtaining the donor strip containing hundreds of individual hair follicles. You will have a light scar, but the hair above it disguises it well.

Delaware Follicular Unit TransplantAt this point in your Delaware FUT Hair Transplant, your doctor makes several lateral slits in your recipient site to transplant the extracted hair follicles. The advantage of lateral slits is that the surgeon can angle the grafts to mimic the normal angle at which your hair grows. He or she then places follicular units containing one, two, three, or four hairs in each slit. The slits are tiny enough to ensure no visible scarring on the top of your scalp.

Your New Hair Growth

A few days to a few weeks after your Delaware FUT procedure, you can expect a small amount of fine, thin hair to grow on the top of your scalp. This hair falls out quickly, but that is only because thick, strong hair follicles take its place. The amount of time it takes for this to happen varies depending on how many grafts your doctor transferred and your degree of pre-surgery balding. You should realistically expect it to take around six months. The new hair looks completely natural and blends in seamlessly with your remaining hair. The color, texture, and curve of the hair strands are exactly the way you remember them before your hair started falling out.

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Below you will find the profiles of several doctors in your local area who have dedicated their careers to helping people achieve hair re-growth. Each one has numerous industry credentials as well as years of experience performing Delaware Follicular Unit Transplantation. These specialists understand that going bald can be devastating both socially and professionally. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look as attractive as you can, and it’s their job to help you achieve the look you desire. To find out if a Delaware FUT Hair Transplant is right for you, schedule a consultation with the provider of your choice today.

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